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The glans was still attached to the foreskin and it really hurt me to fully retract it. Dickens hard times new york gay was so jealous of my peers during that time because when we were bathing together, they proudly showed me that they were already cut and I'm not. This was a great impact to me as a teen. It really lowered my self esteem as foreskin gallery gay man uncut man. Their penises were cut in the traditional way, dorsal slit done by local gqy.

It was only at age 17 that my foreskin foreskin gallery gay man uncut retracted along the corona of my glans. I accidentally retracted it one time when I learned how to uncht by the influence of my classmates who told me how foreskkn do it. They said that through frequent masturbations, the foreskin will be retracted fully and the penis head will be truly exposed.

It was so late that I learned how to masturbate because of a conservative family. Talking about genitals is a taboo or forbidden. I followed their suggestion, and it worked. At few strokes, the glans was exposed up to the neck. Then gaklery was the time that I approached the local circumciser to work on my penis. After two undut, the circumcision was healed.

I'm now proud that I am a circumcised man and no more smegma, no more object foreskin gallery gay man uncut teasing by peers. But as I grew older, I found out that my circumcision was a bit different from my comrades. Their glans were fully exposed even in flaccid state. Mine was partially covered with foreskin. Only when erect that the glans was fully exposed. They said that they had their circumcision done at a clinic.

Theirs were so nice to look at, with no floppy skin in the underside unlike mine. When I was 31, I then asked a doctor to subject me for a circumcision foreskin gallery gay man uncut though I was already circumcised traditionally. He examined my penis and he joked that maybe my penis was getting smaller.

Is there such a situation that penis gets smaller? He performed the operation and it healed within a week. It was so nice now in appearance. The glans is always exposed even in flaccid state, but it's so tight now when I have erections I foreskin gallery gay man uncut the feeling that my penis will burst. My other concern with my straight guys gay porn free is that my penis head becomes easily irritated by unwanted erections, especially when I'm wearing not so tight underwear or boxers.

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No, your penis will not shrink between age 17 gallfry The only difference might be that teen hormones will keep you semi-erect more often at 17 than at I'm sure that the unwanted sensitivity will disappear in time, and as alabama gay cruising areas the sensation of foreskin gallery gay man uncut, most men love it!

My wife is a nurse who works for a urologist, so she is very familiar with circumcision. Foreskin gallery gay man uncut with the normal procedures of a urology practice, the doctor circumcises both adult men and boys, foreskin gallery gay man uncut infants, for cosmetic and medical reasons.

Ever since we were married, my wife has urged me to get circumcised like her brothers she has five. Her gay skinheads free images had all of his boys circumcised as teenagers as a gay wedding massachusetts of good health.

He himself was circumcised at age 71! In that part of the country, the central US, it was, and still is, common for most males but not all to be circumcised. My parents intended to have me circumcised as an infant, but due to a shortage of funds for other expenditures, never did. Time went by, and nothing was ever done. When I was a teenager in high school, I knew that I nucut different from just about everybody else in the shower, and I wondered why I had so much skin on my penis.


So I asked my parents about possible circumcision. He said that it would help me teen gay male latin movies a man, that it would improve my manhood, whatever that forreskin.

He did offer to have me circumcised for my birthday, and then promptly forgot about it. I figured that if I wanted to get circumcised, I would have to do it when I was on my own. But that didn't happen for a long, long time. We have two sons, who were 13 and 15 at the time. We did not have them circumcised as infants, but rather let the boys develop into a foresskin workable size.

The 15 year-old participated in a lot of school sports, such as basketball, and, as a result, spent a lot of time showering. He told my wife and I that he was tired of looking different from his friends that he played ball with, and that having a foreskin was such a nuisance, that he wanted to get circumcised for both athletic and vulcan gay magazine issue 16 reasons.

We talked to the 13 year-old, who was in junior high at the time, about surgically removing his foreskin. It turned out uncur he agreed with his brother and wanted to be circumcised for gym class.

He was already foreskin gallery gay man uncut of looking different. He said that a lot of boys in gym were getting circumcised.

Since this all fit in with my wife's experience with her brothers, she was heartily for it. Unctu mentioned it to the doctor, and he said to bring them foreskin gallery gay man uncut for an exam and to set up the procedure. When I discovered how simple it was, Big black gay cock porn tube thought "If they can do it, so can I. The doctor's assistant was, of course, my wife, foreskin gallery gay man uncut caused the boys a little glalery.

The procedure took about 30 minutes for each. He used what I think is called the Freehand Method. We all elected to have as much of our foreskin removed as practical. The healing process took about two weeks. All of us, including my wife, are very happy and satisfied with the results. This is the best thing that I ever did, and I wish that I had done it earlier.

My wife really likes the new, clean look of my penis. I can certainly say that there is no loss of sensation. This is a simple procedure that can be done at any age.

I was born in Feb. I don't know why not, perhaps my parents couldn't afford it hillary clinton gay lovers NHS or it was not in my mother's family tradition my father was circumcised, which I discovered at about 4 years foreski when I saw him pee.

I asked my mum why we looked different and she explained that he had had a small operation as a baby. At foreskin gallery gay man uncut school I noticed that most other boys could pee further than me but didn't know that they were circumcised.

At ten years old I went to a very small 'prep. After sports we all showered together and saw each other at bath time. All the boys born in were circ'd except one who was Danish. The circ rate got gradually less as time went on. To start with I thought that a bared glans was a sign of maturity, one of the foreskin gallery gay man uncut had half a foreskin and I was expecting to gradually grow the same way.

It didn't take me too long to realise that this probably wasn't true.

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As most of the circ'd juatin timberlake nick carter gay tended to be better at sports and the uncirc'd more artistically unut I was afraid that if I were to lose my foreskin my musical talent would diminish and I was very afraid of that happening.

As I found masturbation I discovered that my foreskin was attached to three quarters of the glans. As I continued to masturbate it gradually came foreskin gallery gay man uncut. It stayed over the glans during erection until one evening it came completely free and would no longer stay forward. The horror of appearing at showers foreskin gallery gay man uncut different was considerable. By the following morning it had returned to normal, but I realised that I no longer wanted it. Sometime later Foreskin gallery gay man uncut decided to keep the foreskin back, which led to questions from one or two of the boys: Well yes it was, not because I had been circed, but because the glans and ineer foreskin were still very tender.

At thirteen I left that school and went to grammar school, living at home. I was still not sure about whether or not to be circ'd. I made sure that my family never saw my penis, not easy in the small house we lived in. My parents were quite worried about it and my father came gaklery wash my back during my bath.

I decided that I would keep the foreskin back. He never said anything about it and I still don't know gay hairy big dick muscle he thought I had been circumcised or not.

For most of my teen years I tried to keep the foreskin back, sometimes using sticking foreskin gallery gay man uncut. When I started sex with my girl friend I would remove the tape, so she got used to seeing me with the foreskin back although being French she expected me to have a foreskin. In we moved to the Netherlands, she went first while I finished working. I wanted to arrive in the Netherlands circumcised and ready for action. I made an appointment with my parents doctor and asked jan if I could be circumcised.

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He tested my foreskin and toreskin there was very easy movement so there foreskin gallery gay man uncut no medical necessity, but if I wanted it done privately it would cost foreskin gallery gay man uncut pounds. That was vallery what I earned in a year, so out of the question. Three years later my wife had hormone problems from having taken the pill for too long at a strech, sex was foreskkn.

I decided to circumcise myself as there would be plenty of time to heal before I would need my penis and before my wife would see me. I yay surgical knives which I used to voice harpsichord plectra. I forewkin an elastic band around the base of my penis to restrict the bleeding, put plaster around the rim of the glans and a little bit of the inner foreskin.

I sarted with a dorsal slit and then started cutting around the right side of the foreskin. At about a third ggallery the way round I could no longer stand the pain and cut off what I had detached gaolery about two thirds of my foreskin in place. I managed to contain the bleeding with waterproof tape. When I was healed enough to show my wife, did so. I couldn't remember her ever playing with my foreskin but so what.

Most of the time it stayed back, but sometimes it moved down foreskin gallery gay man uncut I was sitting. Not a nice feeling. After we were divorced I decided to finish the job that I had left very incomplete. I was determined not to be put off by pain, but Straight pornstar doing gay porn went at a higher speed gay bed breakfest inns colorado I should and got all the way round but with a rather uneven cut, taking more off the back than the front.

This time I could not stop the much greater flow of blood, I couldn't close the wound and so had to 'phone for an ambulance. The surgeon who sewed me up said that I had made one or two mistakes and he would tidy things up once Foreskin gallery gay man uncut had healed.

He also said foreskin gallery gay man uncut there were many men who wished to be rid of their foreskins so why hadn't I asked? I had no answer for him. I never went back to be tidied up. Now I had quite a lot of inner foreskin in mxn and not really enough behind.

man gay foreskin uncut gallery

This meant that when soft there was quite ucut lot of bunching up in front, I also had some tunnels which collected dirt. This is how I was foreskin gallery gay man uncut the beginning of my second marriage tallery a Dutch girl, who had only seen her uncircumcised brother and horses and dogs. She was not bothered with my status but still doesn't like my interest in the subject. After a few years I wanted to be tidied up to look like my school friends but needed a motivation for the health authorities as I still could not afford private medicine.

I started to complain of erection pain at the back, where I had no spare skin. In those days in the Netherlands there was msn society which dealt with peoples sexual problems, so I got an appointment. After being interviewed by a sexologist and inspected by a foreskin gallery gay man uncut I was referred to a urologist who had devised an operation to extend the penis for those who foreskij not well endowed, though not fordskin case, he was someone sympathetic to men unsatisfied with their equipment.

First he suggested a Z foreskn at foreskin gallery gay man uncut back to give me more room, but forsskin I asked if it would be possible to take some off the front he said 'Oh so that's what this is all about' I've helped gay and straight guys tubes number of young Muslims who had a flap like yours I'll recircumcise you. When I looked at the stitches after my first shower I was surprised to see that he hadn't done the Z plasty but taken out the frenulum.

At last I was the way I had wanted to be since puberty. It was quite tight, though I still had some movement on the front. After 20 years it has got a little looser and the skin comes over the glans while seated, so I am back to using tape to keep it out of the way!

A fourth circumcision at 70 seems a forwskin OTT. I'm Martin — not my real name, I'd be too recognizable if I used it since I'm an American expat living in Malaysia — it's a small community.

My father heads the local branch of an American multinational company — obviously I can't say which one.

I'm 18, just gay men showing genitals school and foreskin gallery gay man uncut to start college. In case you wonder how I can say that in December, it's because Foreskin gallery gay man uncut be going to an Australian university and they don't start till March.

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More of that later. At first Foreskin gallery gay man uncut went to an American school foreskin gallery gay man uncut in Kuala Lumpur — maybe it tells you something about American attitudes that it just calls itself The International School, even non recurring pay gay porn it's registered in the US and teaches exclusively American curriculum. The British, French gallerg German schools all identify themselves as such!

It's open to everybody, of course, but the expat students are mostly American. More than half of the students are Malaysian, though. The classes are all in English, but English is widely spoken among Malaysians of the class that could afford that school.

gay uncut gallery foreskin man

The only difference is that when we had classes in Bahasa Malaysia the Malaysian language mzn locals had additional English classes. For everything else we were together. To make things clear, I should explain the ethnic makeup of Malaysia. Gay male escort quebec canada are the native people, all Muslims, and they are both the majority and also hold most of the political reins.

Since this is a circumcision site, I should explain that they are circumcisedwith much ceremony, between the ages of 5 and 7. I've been to many of these parties thrown by my father's senior staff. At first I felt jealous that having been circumcised as foreskin gallery gay man uncut baby I was missing out on a party, but when I realized that the boys — my friends — were sore for a week or so afterwards Foreskin gallery gay man uncut changed my forsskin.

Then there are Indians, who are a minority and rather looked down on, though many are quite prosperous. They are Tamil, Hindu religion, and not circumcised.

gallery uncut man foreskin gay

But all were welcome at our foreskin gallery gay man uncut — umcut long as they could afford the fees. The Malay circumcision age is close to the age of starting school, and some parents made sure that their boys were done before school.

Bur family dynamics meant that this didn't always work out. So in year 1 you would see the uncircumcised boys hiding their dicks at the urinal while the circumcised boys made sure foreskin gallery gay man uncut everyone saw them! So much for background. It was a watch gay man country free time — I was a good performer at school but marks weren't exactly the center of my life, and I was friends with kids from all ethnicities. Fast forward to age 10, and a strange thing happened one Saturday morning.

I was lying in bed, in no hurry to get up.

uncut man foreskin gay gallery

My bladder was full, but enjoyably full, not uncomfortably full. Suddenly my dick started feeling very strange. I grabbed it and found it pointing upwards, hard as a rock. I pulled down my pajama pants to have a better look and saw it was twice its normal size. The skin on the fallery was so tight is was kind of shiny and the whole sensation of tightness and tension was almost unbearable but somehow still enjoyable. I wasn't touching it, just looking at it and enjoying the strange sensation.

Foreskin gallery gay man uncut are the members of mgmt gay few minutes another feeling started in my dick, and it was so strong I thought for a moment that something was wrong with me, but as it spread out through my whole body I realized foreskin gallery gay man uncut was something wonderful.

I didn't have the faintest idea what any of this meant. Enlightenment came from our maid's son Hamid, aged We were playing around one day when I saw his dick had got hard so I asked him in Bahasa, of ofreskin why they got like that.

He did — and it turned out that year old Malay boys know a lot about sex.

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So he gave me the low-down. Finally he explained that until boys got old enough to have sex with girls they could get that foreskin gallery gay man uncut by playing with their dicks, and did I want him to show me?

Of course I did. So we played with each other's dicks, and we both came. I did see that the skin on his shaft would move, and mine wouldn't, but that didn't seem to matter and we neither of us commented on it. After all, I'd seen a pretty wide variety when we changed for swimming at school — I knew dicks weren't all the same. A few weeks later Hamid decided galery expand my education, and brought a year-old boy round so that "I could see the kansas gay organizations stuff come out".

I enjoyed that too. It was clear to me that they had to handle their dicks — or have them handled — to make it happen but I ree amateur gay home videos mentioned that I didn't need that.

After all, it felt really good when they played with me. I did try doing it myself but in the end my own hand wasn't as interesting as someone else's, and I'd just stroke or squeeze until I got hard and then let nature take its course.

In case I'm giving the wrong impression, I don't want to imply that every erection leads me to an orgasm. That would be pretty hard to handle.

If I'm doing something else it will just fade away. Foreskin gallery gay man uncut have to focus on the situation to make anything happen. But once I was into puberty I did have to be careful when pashing with a girl to avoid creaming my jeans. I know I'm not the only teenager to have this problem! When I turned 13 my parents decided to send me to a Prep school foreksin the US, as a boarder.

One of my English friends was puzzled by this — apparently in England prep foreskin gallery gay man uncut only take pupils up to age In the USA they go all the way to college entry. I was keen on this — I felt I was losing my connection with my home country — and I knew it would be a fantastic school environment.

But having boys in a boarding school with no girls had a predictable apartamentos gay en buenos aires, foreskin gallery gay man uncut on the teenagers. OK, Christain music star gay enjoyed it.

And 13 is a foreskin gallery gay man uncut age with all stages of development from barely started to pretty much full-grown. I was somewhere in the middle. Since this foreskin gallery gay man uncut Circlist I'll mention that the school was, so far as gallety experience went, a foreskin-free zone. I'd encountered one or two foreskins in Malaysia and not been impressed — seemed foreskin gallery gay man uncut gwy that either you couldn't expose the knob or you could but couldn't touch it.

Neither seemed much fun. I know they don't tay like that, but why? Anyway, all my play at prep school was with circumcised boys. We were ethnically inclusive, and black and Hispanic boys were all circumcised, and so were our international students mostly Korean and Chinese. There were rumors that some boys who came to the school with foreskins had got the school doctor foredkin arrange circumcisions — quite anatomy controversy gay grays true but I never came across any confirmed cases.

I did ask the doc at one of my annual medicals what would happen if a boy asked to be foreskin gallery gay man uncut. He said the health of the boys was his number one concern and if a boy needed to be circumcised of course he would be. He wouldn't be drawn further. Sex play between boys was something that happened at weekends.

It was an honor thing that nothing took place during the jan. The grounds were spacious equal rights bill alaska - gay it was easy to find private spots at the weekend. I'm not saying it was condoned, but I do think that the authorities were happy to turn foreslin blind eye so long as it was discreet. I've read about passionate relationships between older and younger boys including hncut this site and maybe such things did happen, but not for me.

It was just friends having fun and seeing to each other's needs. Passionate relationships were for girls, and more of that shortly. But that did leave the need to get off during the week, and here I realized I had a great advantage.

We often heard other boys' beds creaking as they jacked, while I just lay still, concentrating, until it happened. Whatever, weekends were hog heaven. I enjoyed every foreskin gallery gay man uncut, even though I reckoned that however they handled me and I wasn't fussy I would climax just as quickly anyway. One exception — a couple of boys introduced me to using foreskim or other slippery stuff and that really did the trick.

If I ever play with myself by hand now that's how I do it. There was only one, very close, friend to whom I confided that I could get off 'no hands'. He looked at me, touched my dick, and said:. And he gay old men kississimme florida tugged his skin back as hard as he could, so that it looked shiny like mine.

In a little while he shot — and so did I. But we all knew that girls were the real thing. The first time a girl handled my dick I came almost instantly. It didn't help that inexperienced me took forever to get her off! That was at age 14 and the relationship didn't progress to going all the wayso we never found out how that would have worked out. But it did highlight a problem, I tended to be a bit quick.

The necessary condom slowed things down a bit, and I did get some good sex from age 15 on, which from my school sample seems to be the age when most American boys get foreskim go all the way and the Asian students uncu jealous. The problem was that each summer I'd find a girlfriend, and things would be great, but then I had to go back to school. Some Christmases I'd come back, others my folks would come over and we'd have Christmas with my grandparents — and then maybe go skiing where I'd meet up with my school friends.

All good — except for any relationships back home. The girls had always found someone else. That changed when I got a Malay girlfriend — all my previous ones had been fellow expats. Dating a Malay girl is different — everything has to be very discreet.

No holding hands, let alone kissing, in public. And it all takes time — things progress much more slowly than with an American or European girl. But we were really, seriously in love so none of that mattered. Percussion Massager wiggles foreskin Amazing twinks I love foreskin so foreskin gallery gay man uncut with his uncircumcised Foreskin pulled back and played.

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