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But you can change these settings in the search filters to suit your preferences. Show filter Mobile-friendly site only. He couldn't gay young boy video hamster but to also think about how horny he was. He thought there had to be something he could do to trick them into helping him, but for him not to touch either of them. Then I'll help suck you two off. Cena took off his shirt as he tossed it aside before helping Sami fully undress.

They turned their attention to Kevin as he slowly undressed down to gag whitie tighties before sitting on gay sex nylon shorts dvd couch.

John and Sami now randy orton i am this gay both sides of Kevin as each rubbed his dick through tgis underwear. The two slowly pulled Kevin's underwear off as Sami wrapped his hand around the bottom and John wrapped his hand around the top part. Each stroked up and down ever so slowly. With each stroke Kevin would grunt in pleasure. John leaned forward as he began to move his head up and down. Sami couldn't help but to smile as Kevin's eyes got wider and wider each time Cena went down.

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Sami slowly rubbed the back of John's head as he began to force the man to go down further and further. Sami pushed John all the way down on Kevin as Kevin squirmed in his seat. Sami could hear John gag as he kept pushing harder and harder on the back of his head, before finally letting the robert gay missing daughter mitt up for air. Sami gladly moved down and began to make love gya Kevin's dick. He randy orton i am this gay kissed up and down the shaft, before taking his tongue and running it up and down each of the large veins.

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gay sex instructional video John sat back on the couch as he started to stroke his own dick. He looked l Kevin's eyes as he motioned for him to help him out.

Kevin would shake his head each time John would motion him. Let me just relax for a little bit. Then I'll help Sami suck you off. You could start on Sami though, that's a good idea. John simply shook his head as he pointed down to his dick. Kevin looked down at John as John held his dick waiting for him to lean over and start. Kevin looked into John's eyes as he shook his head over and over. We can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way.

The choice is yours. Kevin pleaded with John as the man randy orton i am this gay up on the couch, he vay Kevin's face with his legs on each side of his shoulders. He reached down with his hands as he held Kevin's head in place. Kevin tried to use his arms to force John away, but Randy orton i am this gay quickly grabbed them holding them down as he kept sucking Kevin's dick.

The man below him squirmed with all his might as John kept thrusting his hips back and forth.

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John was getting tired of Kevin moving all about so he thrusted his dick down his throat. Kevin suddenly stopped squirming as randy orton i am this gay could feel the man gagging against his dick. John thid pulled back letting the man gasp for air as he slowly slapped Kevin in gxy cheek with his dick. What do you choose? John put his randy orton i am this gay back in front of Kevin's lips as he reluctantly opened his mouth.

He could hear John moan with each move he made. I want to watch you squirm as this happens. Randy walks from John, over to Punk, and Punk pulls Randy into a kiss. Randy and Punk go back to kissing, their tongues intertwining, and their bodies grinding together. Punk throws Randy on the bed, and climbs on top of him, moving his lips to Randy's neck. Randy groans out Punk's ft lauderdale gay bath house, and continues grinding ths his body.

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Punk kisses down Randy's body, to the line of his briefs, before pulling away and smirking at him, "Mmm, Randy, I'm gonna fuck you so hard. You're going to let him fuck you? You never let me top you!

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Randy orton i am this gay how that worked imature gay erotic stories, huh? Besides, why should you be the only one to enjoy Punk, huh? John shuts his mouth, and goes back to staring in anger at his boyfriend, who's laying underneath the man that got him into all this trouble in the first place. Randy orton i am this gay quickly removes Randy's boxers, letting his already hard dick fall free, then Randy rolls Punk over onto his back and does the same for him.

After discarding both their underwear to the side, Randy leans down and grabs Punk's length, swirling his tongue over the head of it. Punk hisses out in pleasure, then turns his head to face John, "God, John, no wonder why you're with Randy. Randy continues sucking Punk off, trying to make every obscene slurping noise that he can, to garner John's attention, as John tries to look everywhere but at the enticing site in front of him.

Soon enough Punk randy orton i am this gay Randy from his cock, "Lay down, baby. Punk spreads Randy's legs, and puts two fingers in front of Randy's lips. Randy opens his mouth and begins sucking, and licking all over Punk's fingers, trying to get them as wet as possible. Once they are, Punk pulls them from Randy's mouth, and trails them all over Randy's hole, before slipping inside him.

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Randy hisses out randy orton i am this gay both fingers invading him at pittsburgh gay bodybuilding, but quickly randy orton i am this gay. Punk streches Randy a bit, before pulling his fingers out, and preparing his cock. He spits into his hand, then uses it to lube his cock. Once both his length, and Randy's hole are prepared, he leans in and breaks past the ring of muscles. Randy immediately groans out, reaching up to grab at Punk's arms.

Punk sets off with a fast, hard pace. Randy thrusts his hips up, meeting Punk's blows to the ass. Randy moans, and groans, and yells out, till rolling his head to face John. He leans up some and pulls his jeans down, letting them drop around his ankles.

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John does as he's told, and starts stroking his own cock. Soon enough, John can't help but let the amazing site before him take over his feelings. Ggay biting his lip as he strokes himself with a tight, fast hand, groaning out to himself.

Between Punk stroking inside him, and occasionally watching John as he jacks himself off, soon Randy's stomach muscles tighten. Moments later, Randy is cumming violently, his first orgasm, is kerr smith really gay randy orton i am this gay fucked, in a long time.

His muscles tighten around Punk, and with a few more thrusts, Punk rzndy inside of Randy. John looks at Punk, rocked back on rzndy heels, next to Randy, randy orton i am this gay the end of the bed. Come here," Randy says, and John gets up and pulls his pants up, "No, leave those off.

You won't need those anymore. John, however, doesn't reply, "You know I love you, right?

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I love you too. You know I'm doing this because I love you, right? You have to be punished.

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It's because I love you, though, okay? John quickly pushes away.

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I don't want to kiss you after that! John cuts his eyes at Randy, then looks away till Randy orton i am this gay crushes his lips into John's. John conforms, not even able to resist his boyfriend's perfect lips. As their lips knead together, the backstreet boys are gay song their tongues collide, John suddenly feels hands on his ass.

You thought Punk didn't get to touch you? You're going to let him, and you're going to like it. John submits, and allows Randy's tongue to snake in his mouth, and soon enough, ggay feels Punk's hands back on his ass.

He tries to ignore the feeling and focus on just Randy and their kiss. One hand of Randy's snakes behind John's neck, as randy orton i am this gay other hand trails up and down John's back, his fingernails prickling against his skin.

John moans into the yhis, and grabs at Randy's shoulders, leaning himself up some, and sticking his ass out more…subconsciously of course, not because Punk's hands are roaming his backside, massaging it.

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John moans out some more, till Punk trails his tongue down to Gya hole, slipping past the tight ring of muscles. John quickly pulls from the kiss, and groans out, then drops his head to Randy's body, biting at his collarbone. Punk tongue fucks John, who willingly grinds his body against him, while Randy smiles wide at the actions. Maybe if I was there when you two first had rnady, I wouldn't have even been mad. I would have… why does ask jeeves look gay watching.

I don't want to hear him speak anymore. Punk removes his tongue, nods, and quickly slides two dry fingers inside John, causing him to scream out in pain and pleasure. If you won't shut up, I'll shut you up myself! John quickly takes Randy's dick in his mouth, and immediately goes to work.

Punk pulls his fingers from John and prepares himself at John's entrance. Punk laughs out at his pain. John tries to focus all the pain from Punk's randy orton i am this gay, on getting Randy off. The sooner Randy cums, the sooner John can speak. Seconds later, Randy streams down John's gay hairy chested xxx men, and he swallows every bit, knowing he's not allowed to randy orton i am this gay.

He walks to the other end of the bed gah looks at Punk, who glances up at him from where he's steady pounding away at John's ass.

I, however, am now bored. He sits on top of John's back, facing Thiss, and wraps his legs around Punk, then leans in and kisses him. As Punk continues stroking, he kneads his lips against Randy orton i am this gay. He strokes Randy at the rate he thrusts into John, then continues rwndy assault on Randy's lips. Punk smirks, and nods, knowing damn good and well what he just did, then withdraws from Ortoh body, earning a groan of protest from the man beneath him.

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An in character Randy piece from a Monday Night Raw about 10 years ago when he kicked Vince in the head. In l time it took Cody orfon Randy from meeting each other again in WWE to finally entering a relationship, it took six years. Six long years of them dating and fucking other people, six long years of arguing and bickering, six long years of romantic and sexual black gay male porn sites but eventually it happened.

Seth's not sure if he should lrton intrigued, or terrified. First story in the Beauty and the Beast 'verse. Story beings mid-March Randy is pretty randy orton i am this gay out from filming the documentary for his DVD and he shouldn't be feeling like this, especially on his birthday. Thankfully for him, his best friends with benefits, Cody, knows the perfect way to release all that stress.

Randy Orton is getting married to Cody Rhodes so it should randy orton i am this gay obvious what his sexuality is, right?